Services Offered by Our Pregnancy Specialist in Canberra

Choosing private obstetric care with Dr Foote for your journey through pregnancy and delivery of your baby ensures continuity of care from a specialist obstetrician with over 20 years’ experience.

Your choice of birth options will be supported in the warm and caring environment of a private hospital in Canberra.

Dr Foote is an experienced pregnancy specialist whose approach is to involve patients in decision making about their pregnancy and to fully inform about risks, benefits and likely outcomes which is achieved through open discussion and accessibility.

Dr Foote also has experienced staff to assist with his practice who are a valuable source of information on pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parenting.

NEW – 3D Ultrasound!


3D ultrasound is a new technique that allows software to reanalyze ultrasound waves to construct a virtual 3D image of internal body structures such as an intra uterine fetus or the pelvic floor.

4D scans are the real time visualisation of the 3D images and allow movement to be seen rather than just a static 3D image.

3D US was developed in the late 1980’s, however has only recently been used widely in clinical practice with the lowering of the costs of the technology.

Traditionally ultrasound has only been able to view cross sectional planes, and more difficult planes such as the coronial plane have required more intensive and expensive MRI  imaging.

The advantages of 3D ultrasound is that only sound waves are used, with virtually no known harmful effects from clinical exposures.  Studies have reported better bonding with baby by early realistic images.

The 3D pelvic ultrasound is performed by placing the transducer on the female introitus (labia), whilst the pregnancy 3D is done across the maternal abdomen. The best time for obstetrical 3D ultrasound is from 24 to 28 weeks, before the head descends into the pelvis.”

If a Problem Arises…

Pregnancy problems often occur in the middle of the night!

With my senior colleagues we provide group obstetric cover, so that 24 hours a day, every day of the year, there is a doctor available for emergencies.

In normal office hours, please phone my clinic in Canberra and ask for advice.

After hours and on weekends, please phone Calvary Private Maternity Unit or Calvary John James Private Hospital and ask to be transferred to Maternity for around the clock midwife advice.

Group Care

While I will be the person responsible for your care in pregnancy, to provide the optimum service, I belong to a group of senior experienced obstetricians who will cover should I be away on weekends or annual leave.

By providing these services on a rostered basis the group practice will deliver to you the highest quality medical care.

While another doctor from our group may be involved in the delivery of your baby, they will use our management plan from consultations and I will continue the rest of your care in hospital.

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